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Influencer Marketing


We follow a systematic approach to let the brand decide what goal they foresee and wish to achieve with our influencer marketing services. These services are highly customizable according to the liking of the brand. The first step is to choose the right influencer to maximize productivity of the marketing process. We analyse every available social media influencer on the basis of their engagement rates, followers base, performance metric, past campaign performances, spam percentage and present to you the best suitable candidate as an ideal influencer for your brand and/or product.


Once decided which influencer to go for, we direct the marketing into a careful planning and executing phase. We, along with the influencer, finalize and create the type of content best suited for the given endorsement. This is done strategically, keeping in mind the behaviour and appraisal of the immediate audience and smartly positioning your product in the content in such a way as when the actual content comes out on social media handles, the reach not just booms extensively, but a more convincing and engaging audience is targeted and eventually the campaign starts gathering momentum.


After successful content creation, the influencer shares the content on the respective social media handles like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The viewers (Subscribers and Followers) act as potential customers for the product and/or brand promoted. We put use of different social media tools and leads and strategies so that engagements are maximized. The investment made into our planning finally takes the form of profits as the immeasurable growth can be witnessed extensively. We make sure our services provide you with an experience you never forget. We at Brodeway are committed towards the profit and sales maximization while you can lean back and rely entirely on us!

Book an artist

We have connected with ourselves some of the best artists in the industry and make sure you are provided with the one you truly seek, based on your requirements and the event itself. All the artists are well to do in their expertise and we make sure you book the suitable artist without weighing your pocket down. We at Brodeway understand how much your event means to you and hence make sure you are overwhelmed with the selection of artists and specialists we offer for events of all kinds and creeds.

Decide a Venue

A successful event is all about the aura the venue emits. We offer you a variety of best in class locations exclusive to what you desire in the event. A venue is all about the right ambience, careful planning, and smooth execution. Another reason why trusting Brodeway for deciding your venue is likely the best decision you will ever make!


An event can be as grand as you wish, or as reserved as you prefer. What makes the event a success is actually pulling off the right tricks off your hat while keeping track of your money restraints. We have our experts who make it possible for you to keep your worries aside and actually be able to get an event executed at its best with whatever budget you offer. We understand how much of an asset money is for all of us, and hence we ensure you invest your money in a strategic and the most efficient manner possible.

Event Management



When Amazon launched their own online transaction platform Amazon Pay, our campaign aimed at boosting the reach it required to aware the masses of the feasibility and relevance of the service. Surely the market was flooded with competitors at hand and Amazon Pay needed a head-start to establish itself. Our creators and influencers made sure the masses got along with the Amazon Pay constructively and proactively.

                       67.4K      38.9M        8.4M           8.5M

LIKES          REACH           VIEWS          ENGAGEMENT

Amazon LPG

The campaign aimed primarily at the promotion of the newly introduced service by Amazon, which facilitated its customers to book LPGs via their app. Content was planned by creators in such a way as to easily target the required audience and aided the quintessential growth it needed. As a result, the LPG service was extensively put to use and appreciated, grandly owing its success to the growth and boost we delivered.

                               23.9M        7.9M           8.01M

REACH           VIEWS          ENGAGEMENT


This campaign aimed at providing Vigo with content creators at an initial count of around 850 active creators who promoted the app to gather the required momentum and liking of the masses. Each creator contributed roughly 40 videos each and successfully helped Vigo gather wide audiences quickly. The growth skyrocketed overnight and the app witnessed a tremendous popularity wave, hence rendering our campaign a great success.

                               450                   6K                        20K

                CREATORS            IG STORIES           TOTAL VIDEO ON APP


The campaign aim was to facilitate the new short video app, Kwai, with mass support and promotion, so that the app could gather the required promotional boost. In the initial stage after the launch, Kwai was in dire need of the audiences who can support them. Our campaign provided 700 creators who could direct their content towards promotional benefits of Kwai. As a result, Kwai quickly became popular among fans, and we are proud of helping Kwai achieve this feat.

                              350                  5.2K                  10.5K



This campaign aimed precisely at providing specialized creators who could make ‘category-specific’ content ranging from beauty and wellness to lifestyle and art. This step was executed to gather scattered audiences under one umbrella. We enriched Likee with 250 specialised creators who featured in the Top 5 of each categories and hence presented Likee with exponential growth and success.

      250              20               10                        5.1K                      2.5K



The aim for this campaign was to boost the overall popularity in terms of active users and total downloads for the Josh app. At the time of launch, Josh was massively rivaled by other short video apps which emerged in large numbers as alternatives for TikTok after being banned by the Indian Government. To sustain the competition and rise as a leading name, Josh needed a head-start. We provided the Josh app with our specialised content creators and successfully aided in bringing its overall popularity to remarkable numbers. Josh owes its hegemony over short video apps owing to this vital push provided by our campaign and has been tremendously popular recently.

                        809K             19.3M                    23

LIKES               FAN COUNT          NO. OF CREATORS

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Kushal is a passionate and client centric individual who has helped our brand (Vigo Video) since its early days . He and his small team has provided and managed over 450+ influencer and talents .

His passion for work cannot be doubted and his quality of work is of the highest level.

He takes up responsibility and delivers timely and consistently .

Would be a pleasure to work alongside him in any influencer campaign .

And we are grateful to his contributions in helping our brand reach the position it has today .

Faisal Ahmed

Partnerships Managers , TikTok

Its very great to see Kushal on Linked in, He is the most trustable and reliable person to run Influencing marketing with 350 team. Thank you Kushal

Ramana Kopparapu

Talent Aquision & Content Cooperation Manager, Snack Video

Kushal is very practical, responsible and hard working, client well wisher. Working with Kushal as a client very nice experience.


Overseas Marketing Manager , Kwai

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